Meditation. It was always one of those ‘SHOULDS’ for me.

I should meditate…

ONE DAY I’ll learn how to meditate..

And I can’t say I didn’t try. The ‘mindful meditation’.. the free apps.. the breathing techniques. I did it all. But, it didn’t quite gel…

And like the majority of people in my generation, because I wasn’t seeing INSTANT results – i.e. not experiencing those ‘blissful states of consciousness’ immediately, I gave up…


“This doesn’t work”.

“Meditation’s not for me”

“I can’t make my thoughts shut the hell up!”

“I don’t have time”

First of all, it DOES work, and like with everything, to get great results, you need to give it time.

Secondly, in my opinion (who asked for my opinion? Well, that’s why you’re reading this – right?!)… Meditation is for EVERYONE. Seriously, there is not one person that WOULDN’T benefit from meditation.

Thirdly, with TM it’s different – you don’t have to try to stop your thoughts. You don’t have to TRY to do anything.

And last but not least – you don’t have time??? Seriously??? Well, in my opinion, if you don’t have 10-15 a day to yourself, then I say either 1. You don’t have a life and you need to do some SERIOUS re-evaluation or 2. You’re not actually serious about change or improving your life.

Ok, so now that we’re done with that, how did meditation save MY life?

Simply put, it just tied everything in together. It made me operate less from my ‘monkey brain’ and more from my stream of infinite intelligence. Everything became CLEARER and bottom line, it made me more authentically me. 

What is infinite intelligence you ask? It’s just that – a never-ending source of the BEST version of you. Your optimal self. The version of you who ALWAYS knows what to do, how to deal with situations & what to say!

I’ll admit – When I first started my ‘I wanna learn how to meditate’ journey I went to a meditation retreat one weekend and the teachers taught me all about ‘mindful’ meditation, and tried to take me on a journey so ‘my spirit/my source/my light’ could float away to a place of infinite power… and to be honest, they lost me. I couldn’t even pretend for 5 minutes that I was experiencing anything.

Transcendental Meditation was the game-changer for me, where a simple 2-syllable mantra that was given to me (albeit I had to pay $1,500 for a 4 day course) and I was given instructions of how to use this ‘mantra’ as a vehicle to drive me down into the deep sea of consciousness. And every time a thought interrupted this transcending process, I would simply put my focus back onto the mantra until my thoughts became nothing, and this results in prolonged mind ‘gaps’…. Where all the magic happened.

What magic you ask?

Aside from stress relief, increased brain functioning (proven fact), healthier blood pressure, higher work efficiency, improved intelligence, improved memory, the list goes on…

Personally, I loved how I went from:

♥ Monkey brain / Scattered thoughts –> flowing streams of brilliant ideas that I was able to put into action

♥ Feeling overwhelmed & stressed –> a sense complete calmness & serenity

♥ Negative thought patterns –> negative patterns slowly released resulting in better brain functioning

♥ Stuck on business or marketing ideas –> creative energy surging through me

And most importantly (MY FAV):

Going from ‘needing’ and ‘wanting’ something (money, business growth, sex, power, basically any need coming from EGO) to realising I am already WHOLE and complete, and experiencing an intense feeling of connection and oneness.

No shit, sometimes I feel like I’m floating up from my body and in the words of The Weeknd, I can’t feel my face.. from my toes.

And if you’re still not sold, it can actually help you:

  1. Lose weight: by decreasing your stress levels, you are less prone to emotional-binge eating and your body will also produce less cortisol,

  1. Improve your relationships: you don’t ‘react’ as much to situations from ego – because through consistent TM practice, your synaptic connections in the brain strengthen


  1. TM can make you look younger: yes, ok, it can’t REVERSE the natural ageing process but it CAN help you function several years younger than your chronological age..

P.S. ‘Chrono’… comes from the GREEK word: ‘Chrono’… which means ‘Year’ and Logic comes from the Greek word ‘Logico’ meaning ‘sense & order’…

God, us Greeks are great… just through I’d sneak that in there!

Peace out.

P.P.S. Free tutorial coming soon mofo’s!