Many people are going through tough times. I’d like to say to those people: whatever is happening now is only your current reality – the residue of past thoughts, feelings, actions, events…

With the speed of an email or a phone call, things can turn around for you -tomorrow, in a week, in a month… In short, I say to you: the past does not equal the future. In other words, if your situation appears desperate or bleak, it does not mean that’s how it will always be. One thing we can rely on is change πŸ™‚

It’s my belief that succumbing to any surrounding sense of panic and pessimism can shut us off from vital, creative – and productive – thought. I urge you to cut through any feelings of fear, confusion or paralysis. In this economic climate, we need to think clearly, remain calm and strong, and use all of our resources including our ingenuity – of which we are all capable.

I trust that this simple reminder will in some way bring a little comfort to people who may currently and temporarily find themselves in less than auspicious circumstances.

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