I decided to invest in a wizard wooden staff.
Let me explain…You see. hereโ€™s the thingโ€ฆ

Even though I am SO very open to the quantum world, my MENTAL BODY is still my biggest blocker. What I mean is that my mental body is the biggest thing blocking me away from my most ascended, aligned & highest timeline.

Some people have physical blocks (when they feel physically and energetically depleted, or purging) and some people experience their emotional body as their biggest block (if youโ€™re a woman this feels like 2020 has just been you PMSing the entire year).

My blockage is mental and because my mental body is my biggest hurdle when learning something new, every now and then, as open as I am – my conscious mind likes to call BS on these POWERFUL & MAGICAL tools I am given from the quantum.

What this looks like is:
Instead of being excited when I learn something new, a lot of the time I am very sceptical about it and I tend to consider Iโ€™m using discernment while I am just blocking in the magic that is becoming available to me.

Just last month, I was given access and introduced to my unique magical โ€˜staffโ€™ in the quantum. My mind immediately wentโ€ฆ SERIOUSLY???
Another fucking pretend imaginary tool that Iโ€™ve received in the quantum???
WHOOP DEE DOO DAH! (In a full sarcastic voice in my head).
I didnโ€™t really think much of this โ€˜magic staffโ€™ I was gifted withโ€ฆ and that was that.

Fast-forward to some weeks ago where I had an amazing session with a quantum healer & trans-channel and I got told:

โ€œI can see you in the quantum, that youโ€™re holding a simple wooden staff and youโ€™re looking at it like:
โ€“This CANโ€™T be my gift, this canโ€™t be it! Itโ€™s not crystal crowned with glitter, what the fuck is this? Itโ€™s so simple – this cannot be for me!โ€
This is something you have received as a gift in the quantum but your mental body is like โ€“NO.โ€

I almost fell off my chair with laughter.

Why am I sharing this and why did I decide to invest in a PHYSICAL wooden staff today?
Sometimes when we are in the process of developing a relationship with ADVANCED QUANTUM TECH and we can physically see, feel, or touch something that โ€˜representsโ€™ it, this can help us to immensely OPEN UP to all the magic available to us and stop rejecting them out of โ€˜LACK OF PROOFโ€™.

A physical representation makes connecting with and talking to the very thing youโ€™re developing a relationship with, feel so much more real.

If youโ€™re anything like me, and this resonated, I highly recommend getting something physicalโ€ฆ
A crystal.
A candle,
Print out a picture

This is something that has helped me so much in my journey to really open up, own my multidimensionality and embody the true MAGIC that is available (to ALL of us) right now.

Because remember, magic is just science (the quantum) that we donโ€™t understand yet.
Today I invest in a wooden staff to embody my light leader identity EVEN DEEPER, to walk the path of my soul’s mission and take my soul tribe with me so together we can SHIFT into the new earthโ€ฆ

We can all embody unconditional love for ourselves, each other, planet Earth, and this entire magical existence that weโ€™re all on.

I love you.
And remember,
Your VIBE Attracts it ALL
Alex xx