Terms and Conditions


1. This Agreement is between you and ALEX TRIPOD (ABN: 39 185 295 730) and relates to your participation in our program known as “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION”.

2. I acknowledge I am aware that in no way Mindset Coaching is to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed, I enter in the mindset & manifestation coaching with the full understanding that I am responsible for creating my own results.

3. As a participant of the RAISE YOUR VIBRATION program you understand that all information and techniques, skills and concepts that are shared by speakers and trainers and all online video and audio recordings, all audio and video trainings, manuals, information, checklists, documents, websites and other materials are the property of RAISE YOUR VIBRATION WITH ALEX TRIPOD. They are not to be relied on as any type of professional or other advice. They are education only.

4. The program and the associated materials may only be used for educational purposes and only for non-commercial use.

5. During the sessions, you may be included in the sharing of confidential information. Please choose to respect the participant/speaker and refrain from discussing this outside the sessions.

6. Recording is not permitted during the program and associated events. We will record, edit and upload to our website or email you directly for you to access at any time during your membership.

7. It is assumed that this application is completed with the understanding that what is taught within the program remains the copyright of RAISE YOUR VIBRATION WITH ALEX TRIPOD and will not be replicated, modified, licensed, published, transmitted, distributed, uploaded, broadcast, sold or otherwise transferred without our written consent.

8. The program and the materials, user names and passwords provided to you are confidential and must not be given to, or shared with anyone outside of the program community.

9. The RAISE YOUR VIBRATION program is a 12-week program. There are no cancellations or refunds during this time. Should your credit card expire, you will be required to supply new details that will take you up to the end of the agreed payment period. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the program and associated Facebook Groups until you are up to date.

10. Payment options – A single Payment of $4,497 or 4 monthly payments of $1,250 or a finance loan organised on your behalf by Trikorp Finance or direct bank transfer for a full payments only.

11. The participants of the program understand that they will conduct themselves appropriately and ethically throughout the program. If conduct is deemed unacceptable and not corrected after notice, RAISE YOUR VIBRATION WITH ALEX TRIPOD reserves the right to cancel your membership.

12. You understand the program host events that may be filmed with footage that may contain the audience. This footage may be used to create products such as on-line video or DVD products AND USED FOR MARKETING PURPOSES. You give permission for this to occur.

13. We reserve the right to vary this agreement and the program itself, or make any other changes, cancel or reschedule part of the program or revise the content of the program as reasonably required.

14. No representations or warranties are made with respect to the results to be obtained from participating in the RAISE YOUR VIBRATION program. The Content and Materials – in short, the results are not guaranteed as wellbeing and lifestyle results are based on many factors. We do not guarantee or imply that you will be completely healed or cured of any medical condition.

15. By becoming a member of the RAISE YOUR VIBRATION program, you agree to the above points of the Agreement. Should you have any questions, please contact Alex Tripod via phone or email.

16. Confidence & Money Back Guarantee… If you attend ALL scheduled coaching sessions and play at 100%, and do ALL the tasks in the program, and follow them through to mastery and you are not happy with your outcome… You will receive a FULL refund of your investment and retain any materials you were given.

17. This refund policy does not apply to ‘change of mind’ after the 48 hour cooling off period.

18. I agree to the rules of the game.
a.) I commit to sharing my wins with Alex and the Raise Your Vibration Program
b.) If at any time I feel stuck or I am unsure about what to do with any of the course work, I promise to get in contact with Alex immediately – no excuses!
c.) I will show up, do all the work both online and off line and I will immediately implement what I learn.