I know you wanna get to the good stuff, so lets get straight into it. You can either watch the video (much more entertaining if you ask me) or follow the following steps:

Step 1: Set Your Intention. And WHY you want to manifest this specific thing. Be super clear. One thing at a time. You can repeat this process many time but stick to one specific manifestation at a time for best results

Step 2: Purge. Speak all your negative thoughts & feelings about this intention or things in your life or why you can’t manifest it and the problems you are worried about into a paper bag. So PURGE all your internal negative dialogue into the bag, speak into the bag and then POP the bag so you are EXPLODING & BLASTING that negative shit away.

Step 3:  Open Your Heart. Go on a gratitude rant for 2-3 minutes until you’re charge with higher vibrations and you can feel a shift in your body.

Step 4:  Charge Your Intention. Basically here the point is to change the quantum field to manipulate the right circumstances, situations, people and events at the subatomic level to magnetise into your energetic field so you can manifest your desire faster & easier.  You want to use all 5 sense here. See it, feel it, sense it, taste it, smell it. What do all your sense feel like once your manifestation has come to fruition? Play the movie in your head. Speak the vision out a loud if you want. Smile, laugh, have conversations. BANG BANG.

Step 5: Release the Magic. This is the step most people fuck up on. Don’t be so desperate for it that you choke. So you want to release it or ‘let it go’… so for this, I want you to simply imagine the manifested intention in your heart as golden liquid light, and it’s spreading all over and around your body until it reaches the surface of your skin and it evaporates out into the Universe. The Universe now KNOWS what you want. You have been very clear. And now say “So be it baby, it’s ALREADY DONE!”

And then be open to how the Universe delivers you the opportunities for you to manifest this intention into your reality! i.e. Take inspired action when it feels good.