Are you an Influencer?

The Quantum Influence Immersion is a 4-month container that activates you even deeper into your mission, influence & abundance, so you can be a beacon of light and call in your soul-tribe with more fun & flow than ever before!

If you’re ready to grow and expand your current business reality…

If you are ready to shift into your highest activated timeline in business…

This program is for you.

I’m taking a group of impact-driven business owners on a powerful journey to QUANTUM SHIFT and expand their INFLUENCE.

Here’s the journey…

As soon as your soul says YES’ to the container, the journey begins. And you start to receive upgrades and the required codes in the quantum to prepare you.

We start off with a big bang:

A 4-Day LIVE event held in Melbourne, where we literally get together and spend 4-days activating your channel, creating fearless marketing content, recoding & upgrading your Personal Energetic Frequency and last but not least, learning how to implement some of the most Advanced Quantum Marketing Technology to call your soul-tribe into your business!

After these 4 days together, you will be in the container with me for 4 months of integration & mastery, receiving additional tools and full integration support to ensure you embody all the upgrades and shift gracefully into your new reality.

What this looks like is once a fortnight we’ll get on a live training, like a mini online workshop, and we’ll implement and work on things like:


Unpack & create YOUR unique soul signature program/product that encapsulates & showcases all your skills, qualifications, genius & unique soul codes!


Become a Marketing Rockstar by Activating Your Channel, so you create powerful content from the heart that connects, creates impact and invokes emotion to inspire your tribe into action.


Charge the frequency of your Programs/Products (PEF - Product Energetic Frequency) so it vibrates on the frequency where there is an abundance of soul-clients ready to work with you NOW!


Become a Marketing Rockstar and create epic embodied marketing videos & content that shines your codes & the uniqueness of your program / online business vehicle.


Connect and call-in soulmate clients using Advanced Quantum Marketing Technology (taking your visibility & influence to the next level, without paid ads)


Active your Divine Freedom & Abundance Codes and expand your receiving channel, so you shift from burnout to: DOING LESS & RECEIVING MORE.


Embody the 4 Frequencies of Influence & take your copy-writing skills to the next level so you become a Keyboard Warrior of Light & become a soulmate client-magnet.


Implement Advanced Manifestation Tools & Processes to shift & influence your holographic 3D experience of ‘reality’ (the same tools I have used to call in massive speaking gigs, create $100k months & create rapid global influence).


Skyrocket your self-belief & inner certainty, so you can powerfully go from idea to execution in a super flow state and stay in your personal power no matter what is happening around you.


Embody the frequency of Abundant Marketing that speaks to the heart of your soul-mate clients and calls them into their highest timeline of mission, impact & abundance!


Create a powerful & ALIGNED SALES PROCESS that is anchored in DIVINE SERVICE and has your client CHOOSE their journey with excitement & reverence for their mission!

You’ll also receive these BONUS trainings as foundational key trainings to amplify your Personal Energetic Frequency:

Unplug from the 12 main Unconscious Wealth Identities (that keep us stuck in the 3D girds and looping in lower timelines/realities)
15 x Frequency Amplifying Tools (My Million Dollar Rituals with all-access to my templates!)
Magnetic Money Activators (charging the frequency of money so you are a lead-magnet to your product/service)
#1 You’re already doing well with your product/service offering and you’re wanting to get off the cashflow rollercoaster & shift into graceful business growth with consistent income & even more time freedom activated!
#2 You’re super skilled at what you do OR you’re qualified to teach a lot of things, and you’re not quite sure how to package it all together and you feel stuck in the time for money trap and you’re ready to activate your time & money freedom and start working 1 to many!
#3 You’re in Affiliate Marketing / Network Marketing, making $5k+ a month and you’re ready to birth your own unique soul signature program to diversity your offerings and income!
P.S. If you’re not quite ready to birth your own program…. You’ll be using the same strategy to create a super juicy uniquely coded marketing campaign to showcase your genius and call your soul tribe into your business.
#4 You’re already doing well and you’re wanting to NEXT LEVEL in mission, impact
and abundance!
So, if you’re ready to take this journey

Then… I’d love to chat with you! ☺

Please click the link below, fill out the form and book in a time that best suits you and I’ll speak to you then!

Manifesting Daily Miracles,
Alex xx