Alex Tripod Quantum Business and Manifestation Coach
Are you ready to shift into a high vibrating manifesting machine
so you become a magnet to all you desire and shift into YOUR RICHEST REALITY?

I believe it’s time for MONEY to get into the right people’s bank accounts!!!!

The truth is: MONEY came to planet earth so we could share more of OURSELVES… 

More of our codes, more of out art, more of our heart, and share it FREELY with the world. 

Money is simply a powerful resource that amplifies our Personal Energetic Frequency. 

But somewhere along the line corruption & greed intercepted the PURITY of the FREQUENCY OF MONEY.

So I am calling in all FREEDOM FACILITATORS, LIGHT LEADERS, LIGHT WARRIORS, TRUTH SEEKERS - whatever you want to call yourself… 

…to allow yourself to be ok with DESIRING a fuck ton of money!

Money ain’t filthy. Corrupted people made it filthy.

I am deeply devoted to supporting rockstars just like to get cashed up and wealthy…

because the sooner that happens, the faster we will create a ripple affect and LOVE WILL PREVAIL.

And the faster we SHIFT into a reality where every day feels like a living breathing holiday… 
like heaven on earth.

And money & abundance will be freely available to us all like the air we breathe.

Are you ready?

Join me for a wild fucking ride.

This incredible journey is going to blow your mind baby!

If you're in for the wildest ride of your life, come join me for the next term within the 
Subatomic Shift Mastermind: 'MONEY MAGIC MASTERY.

We start 27th November 2021 with a 4-Day live event, followed by 4 delicious months of mastery & integration with weekly live trainings & quantum coaching support!


  • Build a wealthy self concept where you know you are wealthy , therefore you inevitably create & become wealth & learn how to anchor into this DAILY
  • Overcome fear, worry, doubts & limiting beliefs about money (a process I've used to rapidly dissolve out these beliefs at a cellular/subatomic level)
  • Discover how to live in the end result to accelerate your manifestations into your 3D reality
  • Use my secret technique to dissolve all fear about money, forever 
  • Train yourself into a state of 'inner abundance' and plug into easy to access tools so you never waver from this state of being (the TRUTH of who you are)
  • Learn exactly what to THINK and FEEL to manifest money
  • Cultivate an UNWAVERING sense of self belief that is so incredibly MAGNETIC to your soul-tribe & clients
  • Activate your advance manifestation abilities so you can manifest faster & with more precision
  • Permanently shut down old timelines and activate your highest aligned mission timeline so you are a magnet to your soul-mate clients
  • Have your marketing awaken your tribe and inspire them to see the MAGIC you truly offer
  • Activate your full souls mission and FIERCELY stand out in the market place

Money, Magic, Mastery recodes your entire personal energetic frequency so that you have a permanent shift into the reality of your dreams 

4 months of manifestation mastery, quantum business and energetic upgrades

You'll be joining a term of my full mastermind program (The Subatomic Shift) which is tailored for legends just like you with online business's wanting to create more income, impact & freedom, unlocking their unique business superpowers and how this translates into your marketing, and who you are attracting into business! 
“Working with Alex changed our life!!!!! 

We had so many goals, so many dreams, so many visions but had no idea how to manifest them!! We met up with Alex in person on the Gold Coast and were absolutely drawn to her vibrant energy and positivity. She was the missing piece we needed.

She helped us shift from 30k months to 100k months.

She helped us work on blocks we had with money, business, mindset, self confidence, marketing - EVERYTHING! 

She showed us how to level up to a level we had no idea we could even achieve! 

Huge shout out to Alex! If you're thinking of working with her, I wouldn’t think twice!”

-Brent & Molly
The Lifestyle Hustlers

"This has been BY FAR the best Mastermind I have ever attended. I have had so many insights, exposed to more of my true potential and found a gear that I didn’t even know existed. 

In the period of time I’ve been working with Alex, I’ve built an online business with that flourished past 6 figures within the first 6 months! 

This then allowed me to leave my full-time corporate job. I've since I started speaking all around Australia, selling out events across Australia. I am literally living my dreams right now as a result of the work that I've implemented with her guidance.

-Alan Howle Marketing & Business Coach, Speaker & Founder of ‘Triple Effect

“When I started working with Alex 12 months ago, I never would have dreamed to have achieved and be achieving the things I am now. 

The tools and lessons that I have learnt and implemented have turned me into the most magical and powerful version of myself. 

I have achieved flow state in so many areas of my life, my business has exploded beyond what I am able to handle, I have a 3 month waiting list of people wanting to work with me, I have attracted so much love into my life, I have so much confidence, so much magic, my whole life is just LIT!!! Everyone around me has noticed. 

I feel really sorry for the version of myself who decided to not invest in working with Alex and to keep working it all out for himself.

Thank you so much you magical fucking sorcerer Queen!! Forever grateful.”

-Sean Collyns
& Spiritual Teacher

Hey rockstar! 

I know you’ve landed on this page for a reason!
Our souls were meant to align!
It's time.

My soul’s mission is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale by supporting amazing humans just like you so we can collectively create a RIPPLE EFFECT and shift a new earth where freedom, abundance and full self-expression is the norm!

The way I do this is by equipping you with powerful, very practical & tangible tools on how to QUANTUM SHIFT your reality – where I beautifully blend science & spirituality so you get the best of both worlds – the science & quantum physics behind the manifestation, AND the business systems & strategies that will have you scale & grow gracefully!

I’ve worked with thousands of people around the globe, and toured Australia multiple times with my sold-out workshops ‘Raise Your Vibration’ and ‘The Subatomic Shift’ and now I'm ready to rock your world by changing it from the INSIDE, OUT and sharing with you the the most transformative tools that RADICALLY SHIFTED MY REALITY! If you feel called, let's chat :)
In this mastermind you will:

Build your empire on rock-solid foundations & soard to new levels of freedom, self-expression and abundance in your business.

Create world-class lead-magnets & marketing content that have your tribe flock to you & build your email list LIKE A BOSS! 

Learn how to launch & sell-out any idea/workshop/ campaign like a marketing rockstar (all my templates, landing pages, hacks & tips included)

Create viral videos that ‘showcases’ you zone of genius so you magnetically call in clients ready to work with your NOW! 

Transform your inner world to create a radically different outer world (money, people, health, and everything in between!)

Unlock your soul-aligned values & rewire your beliefs so you can step into your lane. Your game, your rules

Implement Advanced Manifestation Tools & Processes to shift & influence your holographic 3D experience of ‘reality’ (the same tools I have used to call in massive speaking gigs, create $100k months & create rapid global influence).

Skyrocket your self-belief & inner certainty, so you can powerfully go from idea to execution in a super flow state and stay in your personal power no matter what is happening around you.

Skyrocket your self-belief & inner certainty, so you can powerfully go from idea to execution in a super flow state and stay in your personal power no matter what is happening around you.

Learn the ‘idea to executon’ formula so you embody more focus, time efficiency & execute like a badass when you are in creation mode so you can get 10X more done in less time!

You’ll also receive these bonus trainings as foundational key trainings to amplify your Personal Energetic Frequency:

Unplug from the 12x main Unconscious Wealth Identities (that keep us stuck in the 3D girds and looping in lower timelines/realities)
15 x Frequency Amplifying Tools 
(My Million Dollar Rituals with all-access
to my templates!)
Magnetic Money Activators 
(charging the frequency of money so you are a client-magnet to your product/service)

So rockstar are you ready to activate your richest and most ABUNDANT reality? 

I'm going to show you exactly how I've created a reality where MASSIVE amounts of money flows to me easily & effortlessly so you can create this reality too. 

Book in a call with me below legend and let's chat!
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