Hi Rockstar!

So you're a coach, conscious leader, freedom facilitator, high vibe product distributor, or you have a program/product that is 100% needed right now more than ever before to shift the collective consciousness of humanity?

Yes? Awesome - I’m talking to YOU.

You're here because you DARE to create a NEW EARTH with me and raise the vibration of humanity in your own unique way!

I believe, together, we have an ethical obligation in this critical turning point of the earths frequency to help millions of beautiful souls who are 'waking up' and unplugging from the matrix right now and they NEED YOU more than ever right now!

It is more important than ever before for your message to be SEEN so you can reach your soul tribe & soul mate clients you are here to serve!

And how do we do this?

We ACTIVATE your next layer of visibility, or product custodianship, of message, of influence.


If you’re ready to grow and expand your current business reality...

If you are ready to shift into your highest activated timeline in business...

The Subatomic Shift program is for YOU.

I’m taking a group of LIGHT WARRIORS, impact-driven business owners on a powerful journey to QUANTUM SHIFT their INFLUENCE, IMPACT, INCOME & FREEDOM!

The Subatomic Shift Mastermind re-codes your entire Personal Energetic Frequency... 

So that you have a permanent shift are your core and manifest your deepest desires into physical reality!


  • 21 x Online LIVE Workshops + Quantum Group Coaching (Fortnightly LIVE trainings where we IMPLEMENT!)
  • ​3 x 3-Day Live Events + Professional HD Recordings
  • ​3 x 1 on 1 Coaching Calls
  • ​24/7 FB Support Group
  • ​Members Portal Website Access For Life

This includes 3 terms where we focus on different areas - always combining a perfect combination of VIBE + Business Marketing & Strategy.


Finance payment plans available starting from:

> $35 per week for a 'LIVE EVENT TERM PACKAGE' 
> $90 per week for the entire 12-month Mastermind container!

*** Terms & conditions apply ***

What current 'Shifters' are saying about the Mastermind...

"This has been BY FAR the best Mastermind I have ever attended.  I have had so many insights, exposed to more of my true potential and found  a gear that I didn’t even know existed.  

In the period of time I’ve been working with Alex, I’ve built an online business with that flourished past 6 figures within the first 6 months! This then allowed me to leave my full-time corporate job. I then attracted an $80,000 contract client."

Alan Howle
Social Media Marketer,
Speaker & Founder of ‘Your Social Fire’
"The most POWERFUL business workshop - this is next level! When you understand the concept of quantum physics and how to utilise this knowledge into your 
business and personal growth, infinite abundance pours into 
your life with so much ease, grace & flow!

Sonya Gruevski
Digital Marketing Strategist
"Seriously this morning routine has changed my life, business is moving so quickly, and the most amazing people are flowing into my life, it’s all happening, it’s insane!

And the 3 day live event was transformational. I can’t believe the difference in me already.

I manifested & purchased my family dream home for $275,000 LESS than the 
original market asking price and I randomly had a $8,500 day yesterday.”

Bec C Collier
Digital Marketing Strategist
"I can’t begin to put into words how life changing this has been for me! Massive internal shifts and so many energetic upgrades. Alex, you OVER-deliver
to anyone who feels called to work with her, do it!  She is an absolute game-changer!”
Kate Ruby Palmer, 
Digital Marketer, Adelaide
“I’m manifesting my dream clients, confidently, and my online sales went nuts! I was able to resign from my full time work 6 months earlier than I had planned! Alex, you are a dream manufacturer! ”

Annette Mcintosh, 
Business Owner 
(Danger & Moon Party & Events)

The Subatomic Shift Mastermind is for Impact driven business owners who have a souls mission to create a positive dent in the world.

Over this 12 month journey we go DEEP where we blend science with spirituality for you to have a shift at your core and manifest your deepest desires into physical reality:

Blend with the frequency of money and receive energetic upgrades
Create & upgrade your wealth mastery identity to match your impact, freedom & financial goals
Unleash your next level of UNIQUE CODED MARKETING CONTENT and magnetically attract your soul mate clients 
Align your 2 minds so you have your subconscious mind working FOR YOU on autopilot!
Activate you infinite self and galactic team so you shift from manufactured growth… into co-creating with the universe and have it flow through you!
Dissolve false programming & upload new ones that are in alignment with your vision.
Channel content from your soul-mate clients from around the globe that they are asking of you NOW!!! 
Expand your energetic container so you can manifest more of your desires in your physical 3D reality.
Create a personalised Million Dollar Morning Routine & Rituals that will have you feeling HIGH VIBE in the NOW!
Receive powerful tools & activation so you become a magnet to you soul-mate clients.
Implement the latest business strategies for lead generation & sales:
More specifically....
  • Creating your unique lead magnet that is true to YOUR brand and message
  • Building out a high converting landing page so you walk away with a fully-built out system to attract in your soul-mate clients…
  • My step-by-step formula on how to get 100's+ registrants on YOUR webinars opting in for YOUR trainings!​
  • ​How to create YOUR OWN unique free challenge that actually CONVERTS into paying clients!
  • ​How to build out the pillars of your own transformational mentorship ONLINE PROGRAM
21 x Online LIVE Workshops + Quantum Group Coaching
3 x 3 Day Live Events + Professional HD Recordings
3 x 1 on 1 Coaching Calls
24/7 FB Support Group
Members Portal Website Access For Life

The Subatomic Shift is for the ones that dare to live an extraordinary lifestyle, are 100% committed and inspired by their dreams, that take massive action and know that they are their GREATEST ROI!

Sound like you?

Real people, getting real results. 
Watch the case studies here:

I’m a big believer that TRUE LEADERS create LEADERS...

Not followers!

And I truly feel blessed to be in a room every live event with my soul-mate clients…

Leaders who are already creating massive impact & leading their own tribe 
with integrity & courage…


well on their way and quantum shifting timelines in their journey because of the environment and transformation they experienced in the room and in this energetic container!

Meaning, you get to exponential grow & shift when you surround yourself with the 
right people, environment & knowledge.

If you feel called to be part of this mastermind and the next live event (July 25th, 26th & 27th in Melbourne)…

...I’m personally opening up a few spots in my calendar to take your call
if you’re serious about taking your IMPACT, INFLUENCE, INCOME & FREEDOM 
to the next level!

Look forward to chatting rockstar!

About Alex Tripod
International Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author and Quantum Business and Manifestation Coach, Alex Tripod has been obsessed with anything and everything manifesting, Law of Attraction and vibration her entire life!

Alex is a big believer that when you finally allow yourself to immerse yourself in the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. Alex's soul's mission is to raise the vibration of humanity on a global living a life of abundance is the NORM! She does this by giving people real and practical tools so that they can become the powerful creators of their own reality.

Alex has worked with thousands of people to help them master business and manifestation – resulting in more money, epic love, financial freedom, business growth, better health, stronger mindsets, more clients, you name it!
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