As I sit here on my Jetstar flight home from a ‘werking holiday’ in Noosa Heads, laptop open, typing away and headphones plugged in listening to my ‘Alpha’ state binaural beats isotonic tones for increased creativity & relaxation, I realise what a YUPPIE I have become. I use to think ‘YUPPIE’ had a negative connotation to it – but anything is just the meaning you give it right?

So, YUPPIE – short for “young urban professional” or “young upwardly-mobile professional” I’m pretty sure that’s me to a T. Well, young-ish.

But lets get more to the point of my headline – the ‘laptop lifestyle’.. Is it just a pipeline dream that everyone is trying to sell or is it actually achievable and sustainable?

AHHHHH, where do I start? Ok, I’ll just get straight to it. At the end of the day, I am seeing an increasing number of companies, and small start ups selling their services and online course online. Each one claiming they are ‘unique’ and ‘trust me, this is different’, that you’ll achieve ‘guaranteed success’…

So obviously spoilt for choice with more and more online courses being built, with an increasing amount of companies trying to tell us how to marketed yourself, your business, your online course, your services, how to ‘get ‘x’ amount of clients in ‘x’ amount of days’, the information is becoming increasingly more readily available to anyone who has a Facebook account. Well, lets be honest, anyone who has a fb account and has ‘liked’ new-thought leaders and entrepreneur fb pages. For those who are on for all the junk, the Kardashians and the selfies, I’m sure what they see is different to me (I’m not condemning..! ok, maybe a little bit).

So, there’s a few things with this. First of all, I’m a big believer of what you focus on grows. So because I’m focusing on growing my business and am only interested in new ideas & self development, that’s ALL I SEE, EVERYWHERE! But I seem to forget that that isn’t the norm. Just because my fb newsfeed is FLOODED with inspirational fb lives from other coaches and a constant bombardment of online marketing tools and self development courses that is not at all indicative of the every day fb user.

DUHH Alex, tell us something we don’t know. Ok, cool. So I could also focus on how much competition there is out there. And I could focus on that fact that all the templates, scripts, online marketing strategies, tips, tools and ‘industry secrets’ are being leaked everywhere and given away as ‘free tools’ in opt in pages. And that realistically in 10 years time it won’t be so ‘secret’ anymore.

My point is: if you want to create the ‘laptop lifestyle’ just for one reason: to create financial freedom or to ‘get rich quick’ – then you might make a buck or two, but you’ll also burn out because your WHY isn’t strong enough. Meaning, in my opinion, it has to be something you want to do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. So, WHY are you starting the business? What do you LOVE about your online services or premium product? What makes it unique? Is it because you get to travel while you work? Is it because of the flexibility? In my opinion those reasons aren’t going to pull you through the really REALLY tough times. The ‘black hole’ days as I like to call them. When you think to yourself ‘FML, why the fuck did I give up a steady pay check for all this stress!’

But if in fact you have tapped into something bigger than just yourself, into your truth, your purpose, and you’ve found that THING that makes your heart SING and you are simply using online marketing to leverage yourself and grow your business faster, then yes, I think you have a chance of survival.

I also think that if you’ve found your ‘thang’ then you won’t attach yourself to the direction your business goes in or the way you earn income from it. i.e you wont be attached to the ‘laptop lifestyle’ and you’ll be open to where your passion takes you and what opportunities flow. Will you start speaking at events? Will you partner with other companies & collaborate ideas? Will you hold workshops? Retreats? Things that are more tangible than working from your laptop online. My point is, be fluid, Be like water like good ol Arnie says. And go with the flow.

Maybe the laptop lifestyle of online marketing and launching your online course was the beginning of your journey, and this will lead to an ABUNDANCE of other great things that will flow into your life? All I’m saying is, bottom line, if you are aligned with your values and have tapped into that ‘thing’, – i.e. your bliss – then you’ve definitely got longevity. But if you’re doing it to simply make a lot of cash quickly, then your days are numbered my friend and it will be survival of the fittest – and this will show in years down the track in who’s business is still flourishing and who gave up because they never really wanted it THAT badly in the first place.

That’s my cold harsh (and maybe somewhat ignorant) take on this new surge of laptop online entrepreneurs. Yep, and that’s including me.

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