Warning: This may be the shortest blog post you’ve ever read.

I got inspired half way through my morning run today whilst all the endorphins where rushing through me, still on a high from Joel Brown’s ‘Millions Online’ workshop (no this is not a plug, but it was pretty phenomenal, so if you have an online platform and ready to take it NEXT LEVEL, get to the Perth one next week!) that finished up just last night. I was sitting in between a space of ‘HOLY FUCK, I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT TO IMPLEMENT, THIS IS SO EXCITING, to ‘Seriously Alex, just CHILL, go meditate and go for a run and connect with nature coz you have WAYYY too much fire energy and you need to integrate before you smash out 10 funnels, 4 new Facebook ads, 4 email campaigns, 3 webinars and call your videographer to film some ‘URGENT’ FRESH new inspiration that has JUST hit you all at once.’ Phew.

It’s very interesting living in my brain. So peaceful yet GO GO GO with red FIRE lights going on constantly that is literally jamming me with WAYYY too much excitement on a Monday morning, I must admit. Nap time anyone?

So I actually wrote this out in my ‘notes’ on my iPhone whilst sitting on a park bench momentarily. That’s my disclaimer and I’m sticking to it. So here goes…

What does freedom mean to you? Define it on your terms. Then live from THAT space and everything you’ve ever wanted will fall into place. EVERYTHING WILL COME. You will become a magnet for all that you desire. All the love. Joy. Fulfilment. MONEYYYYY (especially money, because money is simply an energetic representation of what you are doing for the Universe). Happiness. And freedom.

To me, freedom means being unapologetically me.

It means speaking my truth and not being afraid of the backlash.

It means freeing myself from the bullshit limitations society has placed on us.

It means bending my reality with my thoughts and feelings that only I choose.

It means trusting the universe will deliver me EXACTLY what I need EXACTLY when I need it- even if it’s excruciatingly painful at the time.

It means not craving validation from anyone or anything because I validate myself.

It means loving every subatomic particle that is a part of my being. Even my ‘flaws’.

It means feeling peace in my heart and clarity in my mind.

It means being able to quickly identify when Mr. monkey brain knocks on my door and being able to quickly and swiftly kill him by shining a light on my ego/fear.

It means a relentless and focused pursuit of my souls mission from a state of complete wholeness and gratitude.

It means knowing that NOTHING and NO ONE is going to give me the love I seek but me.

It means embracing the shit that the universe throws my way and saying THANK YOU for helping me LEVEL UP yet again.

It means breathing in the feeling of whatever I choose on any given day.

It means knowing that this is all a holographic experience and nothing is real. And in that knowing that nothing is real lies complete freedom. Because I am, you are, WE ARE just pure consciousness. And this thing we call ‘life’ is pretty fucking magical.

And last but certainly not least, freedom to me means finding the right balance between knowing that life is already perfect right NOW and I am, you are, WE ARE ALREADY ENOUGH just by being alive, but also finding the drive from within my soul to still want to serve, DO, TAKE MASSIVE BOLD ACTION and leave my legacy.

So, my question to you is, what’s your definition of freedom? Act from that space. That is literally the secret to life in a nutshell (but that’s just my opinion, and this is just a holographic experience you’re also having right now).

Big love, Tripod. Xx


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