No, this is definitely not a race to the new earth. 🌏🌏🌏
However, depending on:

  • what you are focusing on
  • what you believe to be ‘true’
  • how you feel,
  • and what messages you’re spreading to your family, your tribe, and the world

…will essentially DICTATE the COLLECTIVE you SHIFT with.
Some collective consciousness will shift SLOW AF and are engulfed in righteousness and fear.

Some collectives are already experiencing glimpses of what 5D feels like, and are currently anchoring & stabilising into the 4th dimension (THE GATEWAY to the 5th dimension).

The biggest misconception is that you will naturally evolve and shift because the world is rapidly evolving.

Incorrect – your world will shift as fast as YOU SHIFT.

You are creating your world, you are attracting your collective according to how your subatomic particles are vibrating.


You are the creator.

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I love you

And remember,

Your VIBE Attracts It ALL!
Tripod x