This is a genuine question I get asked…. A LOT!

I get so excited every time I run across something that confirms my belief that it CAN be instant; or that life transformations can take place in as little as 21 days.

I know my personal transformation literally took less than a month – I quit my job, took out a loan, started my coaching business, invested copious amounts on myself & my business, and made my first $30k in the first 3 months of business (crazy, huh?).

It was like someone had brain surgery on me, and my old brain was removed and replaced with a new one, full of a ridiculous amount of self belief, a vision, focus, no fear (well, I still feared spiders and public speaking) and (MOSTLY) positive aligned thoughts.

I personally know that it can happen FUCKING FAST!!!!

On the other side, I have a couple of intentions manifesting & brewing behind the scenes that have been in the works for over a year now.

What I’ve learned from personal experience as well as working with thousands of other powerful manifestors is that the speed of manifestation is impacted by these key elements:

  1. How badly do you want it? (the aim here is to have to LASER FOCUS but to drop the attachment, which can be tricky and contradicting at times)
  2. How much are you able to ‘ignore’ reality? (if you’re stuck on ‘what is,’ your intentions are going to manifest SLOW). I remember in my last month at my 9-5 job I was doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I could to ignore my reality. Overtime? My boss piling on a load of contracts to be processed immediately with a deadline? NAHHH, it’s not happening. I knew if I focus on what is, it was only going to bring me more stress, want, lack, and cortisol shooting through my body.
  3. How much do you believe in your desires?

A simple way of putting it is: The speed of manifestation is directly linked to level of NEED you have attached to it (i.e. ‘I need you because without you I am not whole!), the ability to disengaged from the bits of your reality you don’t love, multiplied by your level of self-belief.

Needing results sends a contrary signal to Universe, blocking the very thing you want.  (Which is why present moment appreciation (GRATITUDE RANT…. And GO!) is such a powerful manifesting tool.

Seeing “what is” is also a detriment to results. (Start seeing what you’re creating and where you’re heading, not what you’ve already created.)

Bottom line though, that the more you believe/expect it, the faster ‘magic’ happens.

So, if you’re not manifesting as fast as you’d hoped, you are probably…

– Doubting the process

– Not believing you’ll get what you ask for (mostly this is on a subconscious level..)

– Focusing on fear, worry, doubt and any negative thoughts.. meaning the scales are tipped to 51% negative where they need to be 51% love (AT LEAST) for the ball to start rolling.


Big Love, Tripod xo

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