Maybe you’ve been starting to see things that you haven’t seen before or maybe the same thing just seems to keep following you around! ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’จ 

Yes, you may have a tracking cookie on you, but more likely what’s happening is that you’re shifting and you are ready for your next level of evolutionโ€ฆ and ready to shift into a new frequency!

This is what happened to me.

For so long my mind was blocking my evolution and rejecting the new language and new frequency available to me. Put simply, all evolution means is that you are raising your vibration, that your subatomic particles are starting to vibrate faster and lighter meaning that your cells can hold more light. This means that you can hold more information and wisdom.


Youโ€™re starting to remember more of who you really are. 

A multidimensional being, an eternal soul, a vibrational being having a human experience. 

When our cells hold more light, we evolve. 

Why? Because light is information, dark is lack of information, and love is the ability to create.

Whatโ€™s taking place right now for so many is the shift from the head, to the heart. The shift into YOUR HEART BEING THE PRIMARY FILTER of how you express and co-create everything in your life. 

When the heart is the primary filter, we understand the complexities of the universe. ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿช 

However, when our mind is the dominant one in CONTROL, we have the tendency to overcomplicate, misinterpret, and feel fear which ultimately creates separation. 

The reason we want to shift into heart consciousness is that this is where unity happens. 

This is the unified field and exactly this is the frequency of the 5th Dimension


Now, when this shift was happening for me, more information started coming online rapidly, it was like I was waking up in a new reality and everywhere I looked I was seeing all kinds of stuff that I still wasn’t quite on board with yet. My mind was still rejecting it because it didnโ€™t understand it.


(And it felt like a mental war in my head.) ๐Ÿคฏ

What this was showing me was I was in a new vibrational vicinity and I was ready to receive this information. More parts of myself were coming into the light and out of the darkness and again… if we remember that light is information and dark is a lack of information, a simple beautiful intention I say out loud every day is:

โ€œI intend for all of my other selves to come along this journey and move into the lightโ€ 

The thing is, in our everyday reality, we fall into the illusion that we think this is all that there is, but the truth is, this is just one version of many realities. As we start to let more light into ourselves, our consciousness starts to shift, our reality starts to reflect back to us more of what the next step is โ€“ meaning, the next thing that we need for our highest evolution reveals itself. 

So what does this mean?

It means at any given point in time, there are many, many different versions of you having this cool life experience and as you ascend and you wake up to who you really are, (an eternal soul, a multidimensional being, vibrating in many different realities and timelines, with limitless power) we are able to call in higher versions of reality.

When I started on this journey four and a half years ago, I used to think that I just had a really good intuition and the next piece would just โ€˜POOFโ€™ present itself to me. Like magic.

Wow, I must be a really good manifestor I thought to myselfโ€ฆI was getting these whispers from my soul. 

At first, I just thought it was me and then I realised that it was actually my higher-self communicating to me what’s next for me to live in accordance with my truest purpose and my greatest soul mission to serve from this place. As this connection grew stronger, more things started to filter into my reality, like magic synchronicities. 


Then the next layer for me was realising I had a whole galactic family that are like my cheer squad cheering me along, bringing things into my reality, supporting me, guiding me, flowing wisdom through me, upgrading me. 


The more I raised my vibration and the more light I let in, the more my galactic team streamed through with awesome information for me to serve & evolve. The reason why this is so important is that when we start to wake up and remember our multidimensionality, this is where we start to access our unique soul gifts.

The gifts that would otherwise be labeled as SUPERHUMAN. 

But these are just normal things that we get to experience when we shift into the 5D reality because our bodies become somewhat more translucent, meaning they can hold much higher vibrational frequencies of light.  

Our natural magical abilities start to come online, like telepathy and instant manifestation, conscious channeling and clairvoyanceโ€ฆ all that cool stuff that sometimes has us look at people like โ€˜Wow, how do you do that?โ€™. 

Yes – sometimes people are born with their gifts, but for me this was not the case. 

I was very much in deep hypnosis up until the age of 31, and then BAM, I was ACTIVATED!!!! ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿงฌ 

My journey or I should say my obsession with raising my vibration started.

The more I trusted and the most I released control, and the more light I allowed into my cells, and the more I did the inner work to heal the wounded parts of myself, the more my unique soul gifts come online.

It’s kinda like magic.

Remember, magic is science we just donโ€™t understand yet and for those who NEED to science, all this means is the higher you vibrate, the more light in your cells, which means more of your superhuman powers are activated.

Thatโ€™s what’s really happening. 

We’re just remembering who we are and we start releasing the idea that this 3D reality, is the only reality. We’re able to shift things so rapidly and our manifestations become so much faster and more precise but sometimes we need to have guidance around how we navigate this space. Otherwise, we can have some really clunky manifestations.

So, if you’re noticing that you’re starting to wake up to these other aspects of yourself and if you’re noticing any of these things are starting to present themselves in your reality, chances are you’re ascending and you’re ascending rapidly.

Get in touch if youโ€™re curious!

I love you and remember,

Your vibe attracts it all (especially the timeline youโ€™re on)