The Awakened Manifestor 4-month Immersion will have you ascend into higher dimensions, higher timelines of abundance, so you can be a beacon of light and help others shift too so we can create the ripple effect and shift into the NEW EARTH at an accelerated rate!

Here’s the journey…

The Awakened Manifestor Immersion is a 4-month container.

When you first enter, as soon as your soul says YES’ to the container, the journey begins. And you start to receive upgrades and codes in the quantum to prepare you.

We start off with a big bang:

A 4-Day LIVE event, where we literally get together and spend 4-days shifting, recoding, upgrading your personal energetic frequency and activating you even deeper into your multidimensionality for you to shift into your highest and most abundant & aligned timeline.

After these 4 days together, you will be in the container with me for 4 months of integration & mastery, receiving additional tools and full integration support to ensure you embody all the upgrades and shift gracefully into your new reality.

What this looks like is once a fortnight we’ll get on a live training, like a mini online workshop, and we’ll work on things like:


Awaken to your soul gifts and unlock your unique codes, so you can be the full expression of your unique soul walking on earth


Activate your multidimensional manifestation abilities so you can manifest with more precision


Activating deeper layers of your purpose, your mission and your most abundant timeline to make a difference and live a life of profound meaning.


And of course, learning how to channel with more precision to receive

So, if you’re ready to take this journey

Then… LET’S CHAT!!!

Please click the link below, fill out the form and book in a time that best suits you and I’ll speak to you then!

I love you