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As soon as you say ‘YES’ to this container, the journey begins. And you start to receive upgrades and codes in the quantum to prepare you.

You will receive powerful Money & Wealth Activators to start on as soon as you join.

We then start off with a big bang: a 4-Day LIVE event, where we literally get together and spend 4-days shifting, recoding, upgrading your personal energetic frequency (PEF) and activating you even deeper into your multidimensionality for you to shift into your highest and most abundant & aligned timeline.

After these 4 days together, you will be in the container with me for 4 months of integration & mastery, receiving additional tools and full integration support to ensure you embody all the upgrades and shift gracefully into your new reality.

Over this 4-month journey we go DEEP into advanced manifestation where you will:

⚛️ Unpacking & channeling YOUR unique program/product that encapsulates all your unique soul codes! 

⚛️ Creating a fully functional online program where your clients receive their own logins and member portal access! (I make this tech stuff super EASY & FUN!)

⚛️ Creating channeled Direct CTA posts & learning how to becoming a marketing rockstar for your program (or marketing for you existing online business vehicle - i.e. Healy/Enagic / NWM products)

⚛️ Learn how to attract & call in your soul-mate clients into your program / product / business with Quantum Marketing Technology!

⚛️ Unplugging from the 12 Main Unconscious Wealth Identities (that keep us stuck in the 3D girds and looping in lower timelines/realities)

⚛️ 15 x Frequency Amplifying Tools (My Million Dollar Rituals with all-access to my templates!)

⚛️ Clearing the lower frequencies from your PEF: Clearing Shame, Guilt, Anger, Sadness, Fear & Powerlessness with NLP Emotional Quantum Brian Surgery and the support of my galactic team working on your energetic field.

⚛️ Awaken to your soul gifts and unlock your unique codes, so you can serve your tribe at a greater capacity & call in your soul-mate clients

⚛️ Activate your multidimensional manifestation abilities so you can manifest faster & with more precision

⚛️ Blend with the frequency of money and receive upgrades so you can call in higher realm money.

⚛️ Permanently shut down old timelines and activate your highest aligned mission timeline so you are a magnet to your soul-mate clients.

⚛️ Learning how to channel & communicate with your soul / soul family & galactic team so you shift from manufactured (forced) growth… into a super-flow state

⚛️ And of course, the latest business systems & strategies so you can build opt ins, landing pages and lead magnets that create a flow of soul-mate clients who want to work with you!

So, if you’re ready to take this journey I’d love to personally chat with you to see if this is in alignment.

Alex xx

***Finance available starting from:
> $45 per week

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