Hello, rockstar!

I’ve been pumping my social media with our upcoming 21-day FREE retreat and you’ve probably been wondering what this is all about! 

So first, what is an ‘Awakened Manifestor?’

Put simply, as we ‘wake up’ our cells begin to vibrate faster… which automatically shifts the reality we live in. It’s safe to say that we are ascending to a 5D world, which is a higher expression of our existence.

A higher frequency of what we call reality!

To be an Awakened Manifestor means that you’re starting to remember more of who you really are, a multidimensional being… An eternal soul. You’re remembering that you are a vibrational being having a human experience.  

It is from this KNOWING that we’re able to shift so rapidly and our manifestations become so much faster and more precise.

When we start to wake up and to remember our multidimensionality is where we start to access our unique soul gifts and experience things like *instant manifestation*.

My intention is that within just 21 days you will shift into your most abundant and aligned timeline in order for you to experience a completely new reality…

I will be sharing the most potent, transformational, and powerful quantum tools to help you ascend so you can activate EVEN MORE abundance and freedom within your energetic field and manifest it into your physical reality! You will also learn mind-blowing concepts of ‘MAGIC’ into your everyday life that will undoubtedly elevate your frequency and literally change the game of evolution for you.

I’m here to ignite and activate you into your highest self-expression and joy so you can be a beacon of light to serve your tribe because the world needs your light more than ever before now!


It’s time to call back our power.

It’s time to stand fiercely in our sovereignty 

It’s time to shift.

Please note: This 21-day challenge is not just for impact-driven business owners, this is for anyone who wants to take their vibration to the next level in the most fun and joyful way. 

If you’re ready to understand the fabrics behind the quantum layers and subatomic particles and you want to know how to co-create with your galactic team and your soul family to action your unique downloads for the force of good, then this challenge was made for you.

Do you want to understand what’s really going on within the invisible forces so you can shift into the 5D earth with a collective that you vibe with?

If you feel that you are ready for this ADVANCED MANIFESTATION JOURNEY… register today at alextripod.com/awaken 

We start on the 1st of October and a new video will be released every morning for 21 days. 

It’s going to be EPIC! 

See you on the 1st of October.

⚛ Alex ⚛