Yes, not your typical uplifting and inspiring content from me… But hear me out…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


How is this relevant to your life?

Well, like it or not, you are you a sum total or your mum and dads beliefs around money, relationships, self-worth, love, health… basically EVERYTHING…

YOU, being the apple, will never fall too far from the tree (your parents)…

WOW, really?


UNLESS you do the work!


Between the ages of 0-7 your unconscious mind is most impressionable. During these years you are like a sponge learning on rapid speed what you need to know to survive and function in the world.

So you’re taking on every conversation you heard your mum and dad have about money, for example.

Now this could be a negative or positive thing depending on the money situation in your household as a child.

You’re also learning how to be in relationship(s) based on how you saw your mum and dad interacting with each other and you.

You’re also learning how to care for yourself and your body based on how you saw your mum and dad taking care of themselves and just by the basic diet you grew up with.

So basically you’re the sum total of the best and the worst of your parents, and the decisions you made as a child about how the world works.

Congratulations, you’re a seven-year-old in an adults’ body! WOO HOO!

You see, even with the best of intentions, as much as you try using your willpower, determination, or your best ‘hustle’, you cannot attract anything that is more than 10% outside of your subconscious blueprint.

Meaning that the conscious mind will call B.S. on anything that is greater than 10% different of where you’re currently set.



The leads me rather beautifully to my question.. Are you ignorant or just plain STUPID?

Hear me out…

There are 2 kinds of people…

1. You’re ignorant (meaning, you don’t know what you don’t know). Many of our parents were ignorant. Ignorance isn’t a bad thing… it literally means ‘lacking knowledge or awareness’.


2. You’re unintelligent/stupid

Meaning you KNOW that you have blocks, you know you are living the lie of duplicated patterns and unresourceful beliefs from your parents, beliefs that are NOT YOURS but still choose NOT to take action.

So I’m curious… what side of the coin do you want to sit on? Because you can no longer say you’re ignorant!

Ok ok, I lie, there’s a 3rd type of person. It’s the person who is doing the work and committed to their growth.

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Big love,

Alex Tripod xo