STEP 1.  Write out your story

Write out a vision letter to yourself. Seriously. Start: Dear Alex, holy fuck you made it happen… etc. Write it as if it’s already happened and your future self is writing back to you what you have already manifested. Really connect with exactly what it is you want. What does it look like? Describe it. Get into the details if that makes you excited. How are you feeling now that this is manifested? Spend time imagining what this looks like in your minds eye and play it in your head like a movie. Have fun with it. And think BIG. Don’t let your realistic mind cut you short of your dreams. They are just your fears playing out, trying to keep you in your comfort zone and keep you in the small league. Time to step it up and be the magnificent divine being you were born to be. After all, the chances of you being born is 400 million to 1 – you’ve already won mate. You ARE the miracle. Now go make EPIC shit happen. The important thing is to just start writing your vision letter even if it’s in dot point and scattered ideas. It will all come together. Let it ignite your passion.


STEP 2.  Shut the fuck up.

Sorry to be rude but what I really mean is quieten down the monkey mind. The chitta-chatter. The negative thoughts. Your ego. Your fears. Learn how to meditate. There are so many free apps these days there really is no excuse. In all honestly though, I’m a raging fan of a specific technique called ‘Transcendental Meditation’. It saved my life. If you want to learn the technique, give me a call. I’d be more than happy to help. But in the meantime, keep it simple – find a moment alone, sit comfortably or lay down and close your eyes. Breathe in and out – big deep breathes and bring your attention to the rhythm of your breath. Do this for a minute of so. For beginners it’s important to have a mantra to help you shut that monkey brain off. In some cases, for beginners, I even tell my clients to repeat the mantra ‘Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up’. Honestly – it works. Your brain is so concentrated and fixated of repeating the mantra ‘shut up’ that it doesn’t have space to think about other crap and by the time you know it you’ve spent a minute in meditation. BOOM. There you go. Wasn’t SO hard was it?

This is going to help immensely with all your junk that keeps showing up when you’re trying to manifest something. You know – all the weird shit that comes up because of your fears and doubts and limiting beliefs. Meditation STRIPS away your ego & fears slowly, slowly.

I forgot to mention – for best results do this every morning for 20 minutes.


STEP 3.  What do you want?

Seriously. What do you want? I always tell people I can help you manifest WHATEVER it is that you want but you have to get clear what it is you want and WHY you want it first. And don’t give me a whole bunch of shit, give me one thing. FOCUS is key here. You’re much more likely to manifest at a rapid rate if you focus on one thing at a time. So stop trying to manifest your dream house, new car and boyfriend all at once. You’re confusing your mind and a confused mind shuts down easily and goes into overwhelm ‘I can’t do this manifesting shit’ panic-mode. So get clear and place your order with the universe. Say it out loud. Write it down. Thank the Universe for helping you bringing forth all the right people, circumstances, situations and events to manifest your desire pronto.

Be grateful that it is already manifesting. Say ‘I am so grateful and thankful that… XYZ’ every morning and every night on what you are wanting to achieve. Feel the excitement knowing that you have placed your order and that in divine timing it will be delivered into your physical reality. Then, let go. Say ‘This or something better’. Let it float away. Allow it to manifest in whichever way the universe want to make it happen for you. Sometimes our desires are all around us, but, we are too busy to notice them or we are looking somewhere else for them to show up. OPEN your eyes and BE OPEN.


STEP 4.  Daily Ritual/Habits

Meditate, read your vision letter, and do your affirmations of gratitude every day.  I’d say in the morning is best, but ideally also do this every night if you want to speed up the process of delivery time. Basically before you sleep – the last 5 minutes – is the most important part of the day for future manifestations. Why? Because you’re preparing your marinade for what your subconscious mind is going to bathe in all night. So what do you want it to bathe in? Chitta-chatta monkey brain? Evaluation of how your day was and who pissed you off and what every person’s opinion on Trump being elected president is? OR do you want to take control and create your next day/week/month/year with your future-paced visualisations & affirmations?


STEP 5.  Be that optimal version of you, NOW.

How you show up somewhere is how you show up everywhere. So who do you want to be? Decide what energy you want to identify with & be known for. Who are you? Who do you need to be in order to feel like you are deserving these things that you want to manifest? If you feel broke, you ain’t going to manifest a million dollar opportunity the next day. So how does a wealthy person show up? How do they eat, walk, talk, sleep, what kind of conversations do they have? What is thier morning ritual? You don’t need the helicopter or private jet to have an abundant mindset. ACT AS IF you are wealth, NOW. And be that person consistently across all areas of your life.


STEP 6.  Focus on the presence of it, not the absence.

Honestly, this is pretty self explanatory but I’ll explain anyway. So many of us stumble on this vibrational trip-wire. We are more focused on the fear of it not being in our physical reality yet (absence) that we are unconsciously beating the drum of ‘I WANT IT BUT IT’S NOT HERE!’ every day. Which is in effect repelling the very thing away from you. And the more time that goes by, the more frustration creeps in and the louder that beating drum gets and the further away your desires go.

Sayonara desires.

STOP DOING THIS. Take a deep breath in right now and allow yourself to feel relief NOW of already having it. Just feel relief. It’s yours. It’s already yours. It’s done. It’s ALREADY DONE. Let your faith be bigger than your fears. YOU DO DESERVE IT AND IT IS COMING. All you need to do is tip the scale of faith over fear by 1% (Faith 51% Fear 49% and BOOM – your desire pops up into your physical reality). I promise you, this isn’t fluffy shit, it’s mathematical exactitude.


STEP 7.  Release the Drain

Release your day and regenerate your energy. Visualise. Do your affirmations. Listen to a guided meditation. Read a book. Have crazy hot sex (with your partner or with yourself – singles, don’t despair – either works) and finish on a high of endorphins.

It’s important to let your brain to rest and stop thinking in your habitual way using that pre frontal cortex area, just going over the same repetitive ideas and thoughts as opposed to having fresh new reenergised brain activity.

The brain has many thoughts that are useless. Damaging, in fact. They just burn energy and deepen neural pathways that don’t serve you.  If you don’t program your mind… your mind will be programmed, I promise you this.

There is so much more I’d love to share with you.

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