1. I’m BORED BORED BORED – In a world of infinite possibilities and very limited time to explore them, we should never have the time to be bored. It is that simple. If you find yourself with nothing to do, then it’s time to take a step back and examine both your goals and your approach.

 2. WAY TOO COMFY!! – Routines are comfortable. They mitigate uncertainty and map out our lives. While a certain element of predictability is valuable and beneficial to productivity, being comfortable all the time is the antithesis of growth. Change is not a comfortable thing, yet it is necessary for us to expand our lives and truly get the most out of every single day. That nervous feeling in your stomach when you’re uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing, as it indicates that you are exploring new territory. If life has become commonplace, it’s time to make some moves.

 3. A.M. Dullness – The first feeling that should arise when your eyes open in the morning is excitement. It is the beginning of a new day, a chance to move one step closer to your goals, and an opportunity to live to the fullest. As I’ve alluded to many times before, the statistical probability of your being alive is 1 in 400 trillion. The morning is a reminder that you have the chance to make the most of this gift. It’s a fresh start. If your morning lacks said enthusiasm, some priorities most definitely aren’t in order.

4. JEALOUSY’S A CURSE – Being envious of those around you demonstrates a lack of fulfillment with your own situation. The key is to position yourself and your goals in such a way that you are content with where you are. Seeking to define your finish lines and living in a way that satisfies your sense of exploration will allow the success of others to fall to the background as you work towards your journey. If your biggest concern is how much person A makes or the opportunities person B received, you probably aren’t doing things that captivate your attention and excite your passion.

5. TICK TOCK (IS IT 5PM YET?!) – There is a saying that one’s true passion is evident when they are so immersed in their work that time fades away. If your day is about counting minutes then there is a glaring opportunity to delve further into the things you truly care about. Set yourself up to do what you love.

 6. HOW’S THAT SELF-LOVE? – Lastly, and most importantly, what is your relationship with yourself? Do you feel good about your work, your progress, and the person you are becoming? I have come to believe that if you are heading down the wrong path, your gut will always tell you. There will always be a hesitancy or uneasiness present when we are forcing ourselves to lead lives that aren’t our own. If you can recognise it, then you can change it, and the peace of mind that comes from one’s actions being aligned with his or her passions and personal expectations is worth all the money in the world. Seek it out!

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