Your First Million Year

Pop on your headphones and listen to this as often as you need. Why did I choose such a ridiculously HUGE amount like $100 Million Dollars? Well, because we would ALL have blocks to think that this is possible for us.

So whether you are wanting to manifest $100,000, $1,000,000 or $100,000,000 this transformative audio will work in the same way. I’d rather aim WAY into the galaxy and into the stars and land on the moon, then to not go for it out of logic and being ‘realistic’. Let’s go for gold millionaire!


Become a powerful manifestor, change your reality FAST and live life on your terms!

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Hey Legend!

Are you an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur), coach or MLM ready to EXPLODE your business?

Do you want…

More clients and less hustle? Explosive Busines Growth? Better health? Soul-mate extraordinary love? Consistent $20k+ months in your business? To get the F#CK out of the 9-5 trap? To (FINALLY) kick-start the business of your dreams?

Listen up…

You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, you can have the best sales system in the world, but if you’re vibrating at scarcity, lack or self-doubt, no marketing campaign is going to save you!

Meaning, you’re going to be stuck in the ‘HUSTLE’, and even going beyond that, your systems and structures become null and void and eventually, it becomes disheartening because you’re not seeing the positive momentum that keeps most people inspired to keep going..

Be honest with yourself for a second… do you feel like you’re going round in circles just a little? Internal dialogue on some days sounds a bit like… ‘I’m doing the thing, I’m doing the thing, I’m doing the thing, so why isn’t it WORKING!?’

If so, here’s why..

You’re not harnessing your invisible life force…

AKA: You personal energetic frequency.

Now before you point your finger at me and call me a fluffy or ‘woo woo’ manifestation coach, what if I told you, given the right tools to Raise Your Vibration (personal energetic frequency), you would be putting in LESS EFFORT, and getting BETTER RESULTS!

I am on mission.. I am on purpose.. And I feel more ALIVE than I ever have before!

I have gone from someone who hated their life.. To someone who is IN LOVE with their life. I’ve become an internation speaker, a published author, run SOLD OUT workshops, put 100’s of people through my program, travelled the world for work & play, ran EPIC Bali retreats and attracted the love of my life! And people always ask me, HOW?


I use the tools, and I use them daily to vibrate as high as I can. To attract magic. To magnetise my dreams to me.

Yep. That’s right – I magnetise my dreams.

I magnetically attract the right people, situations, circumstances & events into my life and TAKE ALIGNED ACTION when I feel my internal guidance system say ‘YES’.

Now, this isn’t all about me – this is about you – I’m telling you this story because you can have this power too!

F❤ck ‘FLOW;
F❤ck ‘CLARITY’ and last but certainly not least,
Yes, you heard me right.

I absolutely LOVE blowing people minds and working with people who have got killer goals and they think it takes ‘X’ amount of time or ‘X’ amount of effort and then see them implement these tools to harness the invisible forces available to them and create the reality they want in seriously BS RECORD TIME!

So, if you ready to understand & experience this no BS, matter-of-fact, scientifically-proven solution to letting everything you’ve been asking the universe for into your life, I want to invite you to Apply for a FREE Manifestation Mastery Breakthrough Session below and let’s discover exactly what blocks are keeping you from living your dream life NOW!

Big Love,

Alex Tripod xx

P.S. If I’m not available, my awesome team of Alex Tripod Specialists helps me with my Breakthrough Sessions. I’ve personally trained them and would help you just as I would. 

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About Alex Tripod

International Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author, Alex Tripod has been obsessed with anything and everything manifesting, Law of Attraction and vibration her entire life!

Alex is a big believer that when you finally allow yourself to immerse yourself in the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. And Alex’s obsession is to raise the vibration of humanity, free people of the programming society has lead us to believe in, and give people real and practical tools to become the powerful creators of their reality.

Alex has worked with thousands of people to help them master manifestation – resulting in more money, epic love, financial freedom, business growth, better health, stronger mindsets, more clients, you name it!

Running workshops around the globe and the infamous 21 Day Challenge, Alex has one mission: to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale.